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More than 500M Apps & Games, include game mods, paid games and region-locked apps.

About AtoZ Downloader (AIO downloader)

AtoZ Downloader is an all in one downloader to download apps & games, movies, Game Mods for Android absolutely free.

App Features

APK Downloader

Download region locked (not available in your country), pre-registered games, paid apps and many other apps on Android.

Movie Downloader

Watch & download movies free without registration. Just click and watch! No registration, no fees.

Music Player

Uninterrupted music. Use AtoZ Downloader with background play and offline access.

What people think?

I have downloaded plenty of paid apps using this AtoZ Downloader and it has been wonderful for students like me who still can't afford to pay for apps.

Thank you so much.


AtoZ Downloader is excellent, unsurpassed! I use it as my default Music Downloader and Music Player. Most of my songs download from YouTube with AtoZ Downloader. I always point out to friends who want to download music or videos from YouTube. Congratulations!


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